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January 22, 2019

That Stolen Snooze

A 1957 TECHNICOLOR ADVENTURE FILM SET IN TIMBUKTU, Legend of the Lost sends John Wayne, Sophia Loren and Rossano Brazzi on a treasure hunt in the Sahara. The plot plays out in comedic, telenovelic proportions, with a love triangle and countless mishaps occurring to the trio.

There are enjoyably exotic flourishes in the film’s music, set and costume design, in spite of the outdated casting and directorial decisions. What is indisputable, and helps to overlook the camp, is Sophia Loren’s ravishing beauty as a moorish thief. From her very first dusky-skinned, pale-eyed appearance, Ms. Loren captivates.

Here, a behind the scenes snap of the actress napping on set in Tripoli. Glamor!

Sophia Loren in Legend of the Lost, 1957. Image from