EST. 2009

May 5, 2014

That Cosmic Candy

LEA SEYDOUX STARS AS CANDY in a new campaign for Prada Candy's latest fragrance variant. A liberated, lighthearted femme, Candy orders a space exploration for a sweet new scent made uniquely for her. Embarking on the mission is PR-141, a rocket ship collecting exotic flowers from various far-off planets, searching until it encounters the rarest, purest flower of all. PR-141 picks this rare bloom, which then explodes into a whirlwind of blossoms, transforming the rocket into a bottle of sweet, rosy perfume. The new fragrance then makes its way back to the story's leading lady, who is enraptured by the cosmic new scent.

Infusing a comic strip with GIF animation, the bright, blissful episode lends eye candy to Prada Candy Florale's joie de vivre. I wouldn't consider myself the type of sweet, bright femme to wear such a scent, but count me a fan of its campaign; the kind of campaign I wish I had taken part in creating. Oh so joyful femininity!

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