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December 2, 2013

That Natural Abstraction

FALL'S DUTIFUL DROPS IN TEMPERATURE are small and mild in Barcelona, accompanied always by sunshine and blue skies. But the evenings come earlier nonetheless and the air is not without increasing chill. In my mind, this cold feels more like it should look like Ørnulf Opdahl's paintings: glorious, grey and atmospheric with their near-abstract quality.

Portraying mainly the Norwegian landscape surrounding his studio home, Ørnulf Opdahl paints with egg tempera on multiple canvases at a time. Working on a series of images simultaneously allows him to unite the different paintings with a theme, reflecting the melancholic shifting of light and mist upon mountains and sea. The resulting works appear nearly formless, rendering perfectly Opdahl's assertion that indeed "landscape abstracts itself." His paintings intend not to describe geography but rather to capture a mood.

They certainly capture mine.

Paintings by Ørnulf Opdahl, images from