EST. 2009

February 26, 2013

That Show of Hands

A SIMILAR SENTIMENT. I'd been in love with Gildo Medina's photography + illustration mashup for the Maison Fabre catalogue since, well, since I first saw it years ago. Reminiscent of the treatment, Delfina Delettrez's spring/summer campaign by Philippe Jarrigeon highlights colorful products by setting them against washed-out greys and isolated body parts.

In all areas of visual art and design, similarities are bound to exist between completely unrelated materials, developed by entirely unrelated teams. Blatant copying aside, the key, I think, is in execution. Something done well, however many times, by however many individuals, is still a welcome sight.

I've seen this before. I think to myself. But if it's interesting, I don't mind seeing it again.

Maison Fabre catalogue by Gildo Medina Delfina Delettrez s/s 2013 campaign by Philippe Jarrigeon,