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October 8, 2012

That Rediscovery

AT THE HEIGHT OF HER CAREER, PHOTOGRAPHER LILLIAN BASSMAN grew weary of fashion's mod influences, enough to dispose of her craft, literally trashing years' worth of negatives into oblivion for the next 2 decades. It was in the 90's that Martin Harrison, a photohistorian who was staying at Ms. Bassman's place, discovered the negatives and urged her to look into them.

She did. Setting aside past disillusionment, Ms. Bassman employed her old experimental techniques in printing her images anew. At once strong and intimate, the photos this time gained the admiration they had failed to receive from magazine editors of the 1970's.

Just shy of 80 years old, Ms. Bassman returned to fashion photography, working for Vogue until 2004. From then until her passing in February of this year, three books of her work were published and various international exhibitions were held of her photographs.

It's never too late to revive an old passion. Talent is innate but tenacity is what creates, strives and stays.

Photographs by Lillian Bassman. Images from