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September 27, 2012

Those Trips to Town

SIENA CENTER IS ROUGHLY 40 minutes away from Sovicille where we stayed and attended week-long wedding festivities. While close enough, I never got up early enough to drive out and visit it, or neighboring towns, before the events ensued. And so afternoon quick trips had to suffice, squeezed in-between the 40-minute drive each way, plus parking located outside the center's walls, a good ten minutes more on foot from the nearest entrance.

But the sights! The sounds! Remarkable, reverberating within musky medieval walls, built up so high and making for endless, shadowy walks through shop-lined lanes, spiraling around and into the Piazza del Campo: breathtaking scale bathed in sunlight. Makes you wonder whether we could or should continue building things of this magnitude anymore. If anything, it must be good for the artistic soul. It was good for mine.

And I love old couples walking hand-in-hand. The best sight of all.

Piazza del Campo, Siena Center. Photos by Lady San Pedro.