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September 26, 2012

That Serenity

GIVE ME A REASON TO SHOP HERE. I passed the store on Proven├ža a couple of times before coming in to browse -no, marvel- at both the space and the garments, presented together in a sort of dramatic serenity. There were no racks really, just hangers or perches of sorts lowered from the ceiling in levels, showcasing fine, gauzy knits and exquisite draped dresses in hues both pale and jewel-toned.

Despite my attempt to wander unnoticed so as not to disrupt the atmosphere, the shop girl found me, took me through the zenlike displays and 12-square-meter dressing room, telling me about the Majorcan brand that began in 2001.

Long, silky numbers make me wish for a chance, reason or occasion to buy and wear them. For the more practical, there are items for everyday wear too.

For the soon-to-wed, view the lookbook online. The bridal collection is purity!

Cortana, C/ Proven├ža 290, Barcelona. Images from