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September 11, 2012

That Week-long Wedstock

HALF THE WEEK SHOWED NO SIGN OF THE TUSCAN SUN. But the atmosphere was anything but bleak, maintaining a bright and positive energy from one eventful day to the next, and leading up to the union we anticipated all year. Great food, good wine, charming villas and breathtaking views of the region exceeded all expectations, but only second to the friends, the gifts and the memories we made there together.

It takes a very charismatic pair to get over 80 people traveling halfway around the world for a week-long affair. And a very trusting pair they'd have to be, to let over 80 people take part in fashioning tidbits of an event that comes but once in a lifetime.

Mille grazie Cindy and Francis for sharing your special day with us! Facebook photo mania to follow!

Wedstock, Montestigliano September 2012. Photos by Lady San Pedro.


Unknown said...

Lady, loving your new life. I'm envious! But glad you are having a blast;)

Missed reading your blog.. My time to myself now, with this 5 yr old, is so sacred. She is a handful. I feel like the assistant in devil wears prada hahahha

densese said...

lady this is beautiful! and so seems your life in spain! I missed you on Jaime's last trip but I hope to see you soon :) love always

Lady San Pedro said...

Den, thanks!!! I missed your graduation and celebrations, hope we can do a late mini celeb when we see each other again!