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June 5, 2012

That Selective Texture

INTERESTING TO THINK ABOUT how texture elicits very different responses based on how the item or surface looks, smells or tastes. Where a clump of dough or clay would be pleasurable to mash around in your hand, something of a similar texture like, let's say puppy poo, would not. A multi-grain scrub feels nice on your skin but picking up grub in the kitchen sink feels repulsive on your fingers.

Seeing something almost defines how their touch would feel.

I love how Clara Adolphs' impastos depict an enjoyable feeling of painting them: thick, gooey paint squishing and sliding under a palette knife, slipping around or scratching against the canvas. Then when pulling away, creating random, resistant peaks to mark where the stroke ends. Delightful!

Perhaps I should think of art the next time I feel squirmish about touching something.

Paintings by Clara Adolphs. Images from