EST. 2009

February 21, 2012

That Moda of Transport

NOT HAVING A CAR HAS BEEN OH SO GOOD for us over here. After all, most everything is, at most, a 30-minute train ride from everything else and when it isn't, it's a lovely stroll with interesting shops and endless panaderĂ­as along the way.

The street our new apartment is on is wide but short, leading up to both the park entrance and some steps downhill to the main road. It is a dead end which is great, meaning cars don't come through unless they are dropping off residents or guests.

On the street side opposite to our building is a row of 8 spots for parking scooters and motorbikes. I've seen them come and go, both middle-aged and young adult riders, all dressed and styled quite fashionably though not as voluntarily friendly as folks elsewhere over here have been. Maybe it's the neighborhood?

Thinking of getting a scooter eventually. Maybe then I get to be fashionably unfriendly too.

Ciao papa and Orleans by Carine Brancowitz,