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February 26, 2012

That Chocolate Heart

CRAZY CARNIVAL SEASON COMES TO A CLOSE in Europe, marking the beginning of Lent. I didn't quite find the time to join in on the festivities but I had the chance to experience the carousal both in Barcelona, with carnestoltes, and in Milan, with carnevale, filling the streets with full-costumed kiddies making noise and making laden the air and ground with truckloads of confetti.

Back in our home-empty-home in Barcelona, I take a deep breath from what feels like my life's own personal carnival season, a whirlwind affair with fashion in Milan, made possible and incredible by I-D Magazine and Alberto Guardiani.

Details later!

For now, a Lenten watch, from -wow- this was 12 years ago! Lasse Hallström's Chocolat revolves around radical Vianne's defiance of Lenten tradition with a single-minded pursuit to spread kindness and happiness via chocolate concoctions. Featuring a pre-Jack-Sparrow Johnny Depp and a post-Trinity Carrie-Anne Moss, the film brings back memories of the milennium year while bringing back values that transcend season, tradition or religion: sincerity, generosity and unconditional kindness.

Whether or not to abstain, a good heart observes goodness all year long.

Chocolat, 2000. Directed by Lasse Hallström.


jordy said...

I just watched Chocolat again after all these years sometime last week. I remember loving it more than a decade ago, and I appreciated it more now.

Hope you're enjoying Barcelona! Cheers!


Lady San Pedro said...

I am, thanks Jordy! And yes it's quite nice seeing films again after so long!