EST. 2009

January 19, 2012

That Strata Spectacular

THE RATTLING OF seemingly brittle pieces, geometric shapes juxtaposed with the iconic perfection of classical paintings set to ethereal ambient tracks. London-based Davide Quagliola, who goes simply by Quayola, is a visual artist, director, graphic designer and multimedia master, having shown and installed works in over 22 locations worldwide, from Seoul to Rome.

Strata is a series of works that takes from the name itself: strata being a series or layers of rock. With this, now on its fourth installment, the artist investigates relationships between the digital and the classical, new formations layering upon old ones that result in a beautiful shattering of already familiar visions.

Excerpts from Strata #4 and Strata #3 from the Strata series by Quayola.