EST. 2009

January 21, 2012

That Alchemy

J'ADORE WAS A SCENT I WORE LOTS OF IN 2007, reminiscent of steamy days and carefree nights in Bangkok, where I attended month-long shoots as a young art director. There were no actual work days for me then, apart from whatever production entailed, and thus there was plenty of time to gallivant the city of immoderate retail and nightlife offerings. Good times!

The scent makes its way back to me, this time more opulent, as the rose and jasmine harmony that is J'adore L'Or. So far, it reminds me of one particular experience: last night's excess at our -early- send-off party, followed by today's payback for last night's excess at our -early- send-off party.

Are we off to a bad start? Sounds better to say we're off to a fun start.

J'adore L'Or by Dior, Photos by Lady San Pedro.