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January 26, 2012

That Cameo Noir

FOLLOWING NET-A-PORTER'S KARL LAGERFELD LAUNCH, for which the designer interviews himself on cam, talk-show style, in his studio library, I've gathered here two new ways to wear the cameo, outside of being in blush, dangling at the end of a necklace. That's how I used to wear it in the 80's at least.

Though historically referring specifically to raised relief in contrasting color to its background, modern cameos are now being accepted as "cameos" even though they feature a single color, and in this case, a combination of both raised and depressed carvings; i.e. carvings above and below the background surface.

Bottega Veneta's cameo bracelet looks tough in all-black oxidized silver and Karl's cameo-intaglio embellished collar looks pop with a surprise ghost slogan printed around the back: "I only wear the latest thing. It's my job."

Really? I wish it were my job too.

Bottega Veneta cameo bracelet and Karl printed cotton-poplin cameo collar from