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December 1, 2011

That 19th Day of Christmas

FOR THE UPCOMING HOLIDAYS, I've decided to hold my first blog contest or giveaway of sorts, in hopes of adding new dimension to sharing what I like with the wonderful readers of this little blog. Audio-visual can only do so much. Why not something you can sense with your nose for a change?

I started wearing Chanel N°19 through our recent Melbourne and Sydney trip. Floral and green notes followed by iris, with a woody vetiver finale, the scent is strong, quiet and grown-up.

Possessing the same crisp green notes is Chanel N°19 Poudré, except with much more iris, resulting in what I personally find to be fresher and more youthful than the original.

Could this be your new scent? Or a scent for someone you know? Here's how you can get it:

And lastly, who: you! Anyone could use a first, second or third bottle of Chanel in their vanity. If not for yourself, maybe for a sister, a friend, a girlfriend or as with the French, a lover.

Give love on Christmas day they say. Looking forward to the titles!

Chanel N°19 Poudré Eau de Parfum 100mL at


Vicky G said...

How exciting! :) The comments will be screened so we can't see the other entries? :D

Lady San Pedro said...

The comments will be pre-screened and re-posted with the email addresses removed :-)

So yes, you'll get to see the other titles entered!

Lady San Pedro said...

8 days to go! Here are some entries so far:

That Gentle Soul
That Golden Giveaway
That Aroma Afterthought
That Sweet Holiday Scent
This Blind Contest for Bottle of Coco
That Christmas Contest for Coco
This Floral Fragrance Fix
This Handful of Holiday Hopefuls
This Scented Holiday Surprise
That Treat-for-Title Giveaway
Haute Chanel
That Lady's Channeling Chanel
Those Bottled Notes
That Sweet 19
That Bottled Gold

Lady San Pedro said...

Here are the rest of the entries!

That Scent of a Lady
That Air of Sophistication
That Mood for the Poudre
The Opulent Holiday
That Parisienne Scent
This Happiness in a Bottle
That Perfumed Number
That Ambrosial Number
That Golden Powder

Results out soon!

nikhol said...

"That mood for the poudre" and "That lady's channeling Chanel" are hilarious!