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November 8, 2011

These Dreams

I HAD ALWAYS BEEN a vivid dreamer. From flying to falling to being outdoors naked, being unprepared for an exam or losing control of the wheel while driving, I've had the usual "what does it mean" types. I've also had recurring ones, of being in front of a church just before the rain pours, watching my grandmother open up an umbrella against the wind. Then I get the sweet ones, of getting a kiss from a prince or being a teen holding hands with a boy, as well as frightful ones with T-Rexes and giants, even demonic creatures attacking me in my own bed.

However disappointing or relieving it is to wake up from a dream, it's good to wake up to certainty: of space, of time, of gravity. Of places that don't change their dimensions, of people who don't transform into other people.

Or do they?

When change too is a certainty, are the mysteries and inexplicabilities of reality really that much more comforting than those in our dreams?

Abre Los Ojos, 1997. Directed by Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar.