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November 15, 2011

That Green House

VISITING MY PARENTS RECENTLY left me surprised with all the changes that's taken place back home in just a few months' time. In the same way my mother had shrunken to an outrageous size 2, after about twenty years of putting on the mommy pounds, the house too felt like it had grown even smaller with an overgrowth of considerably large canvases featuring the richest color and detail.

I'm dying to upload images for the January exhibit. Except, they aren't my works and my dad would be thoroughly upset to have his paintings exposed in any way before the actual opening night. Nonetheless, the works he's done on the side are plenty to feast on.

And more and more it is becoming clear to me how there's no pulling the man away from nature. It is after all, where we truly belong.

Various paintings by Rudy San Pedro, Photos by Lady San Pedro.

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