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September 21, 2011

That Last Impression

MAINTAINING A BLOG LIKE MINE is not only time-consuming because I've got a job, a social life and bad hair but because it has come to require a careful pacing and spacing of topics: can't have two film posts in a row, can't have too many fashion posts in a week, can't show something gross then succeed it by a restaurant feature or a personal travel post succeeded by yes, yet another travel post.

But you can only space so much and you can only wait long enough after a holiday to post photos still relevant to your life at the moment. So it's time to speed things up, get the Spain photos out of the way and move on to the next destination. London is calling!

Before I answer, a last glimpse at Spain. Not at the spectacular meals or breathtaking sights but at the miscellaneous moments that have nothing much to do with each other except bring back a scent or a feeling, or a flavor, not worth writing much about but great for recalling on days when life feels a little less poetic.

¡Adiós y gracias España! At least for now.

Photos taken in Barri Gotic, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Eixample, Barcelona and at the Reina Sofía, Madrid. Photos by Lady San Pedro.


Anonymous said...

Matching shoes -- how cute! And personally I won't mind reading succeeding travel posts because you take such great photos :) Looking forward to travel outfit posts! I mean, travel posts! Haha!

Mia B. said...

Something tells me this won't be your last Spain post. What a treasure trove of delightful cultural artifacts, images... and outfits!

BTW, I am LOVING the loafers. Mine nalang. Both pairs. Haha.

Lady San Pedro said...

Anonymous, thanks haha!

Mia, I am loving the loafers too! If you can fit in either pair, you can borrow. Haha

Mia B. said...

Last winter I actually bought a pair of penny loafers. I used to wear them during my New Jersey school girl days. Jesus, they just keep coming back!

Next purchase: L.A. Lights!