EST. 2009

July 19, 2011

That Wild Side

EXTRA WILD TO BLOW YOUR MIND. British portrait and fashion photographer John Rankin Waddel has photographed most anyone in the world who matter and for most any type of cause worthwhile.

Of his body of work spanning film, commercial, journalistic, charitable and editorial, it is Rankin's fashion and beauty portfolios that set him apart with that distinctive attitude and irreverent style. The edgy Brit also runs his Rankin Live project which started in 2009 as a retrospective and has now traveled 6 cities and counts 1,629 portraits shot.

Rankin Live invites anyone over 13 with distinctive style and enthusiasm to be photographed by Rankin himself and be part of the exhibition.

There is hope for all of us!

Fashion and beauty photographs by Rankin, See the faces of Rankin Live at