EST. 2009

June 6, 2011

That Individuality

IT WAS WONDERFUL OF YVAN RODIC to take the time to chat with each and every one of us who came to see him that day for an autograph. Never less than 5 minutes each and up to over 20, I had grown hungry and impatient waiting in line as he spoke with person after person after person, as if he were just with them at a cafe.

I finally got my turn and discovered that like myself at the moment, Yvan used to be a copywriter in advertising. Obviously, he no longer is one, expressing a casual lack of tolerance for the bureaucracy and imparting with me some advice about following what you love; precisely the thing that allowed him to become Face Hunter.

It would be amazing to follow lead. To take the route which most successful folks do. That is, to actually be an individual. In heart, in mind, in lifestyle and in craft.

But even some of the most individualistic thinkers too can be bound by security, responsibility, necessity. Others, plain and simply, just don't have the courage. Or maybe just not yet.

Lucky for me, this job is in fact one of the things I love. At least at the moment. Still, the future holds many surprises. Sometimes you just really never know.

FaceHunter by Yvan Rodic. From Thames & Hudson,