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May 23, 2011

Those Altitudes and Geometries

WAY UP HIGH AND DOWN BELOW, the enormous amphibian-looking spacecraft that docks at Singapore's Marina Bay is not without something spectacular at every turn. And while I'm not the biggest fan of the crowd traffic from lobby to 57th floor, I can't get enough of the ultra-modernity and superviews.

Even if it meant uninvitedly flashing the island after an afternoon bath.

Who wouldn't with that bathroom view?

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Design by Moshe Safdie Architects, engineering by Arup and Parsons Brinkerhoff. Photos by Lady San Pedro.


  1. niceee...
    did you watch the lion king?

  2. Yes I did! Looooved the costume design!

  3. Wow!! I wasn't able to really walk around Marina Bay when I went!! :-) What a lovely view from your room!! Did you get to see the Dali/Van Gogh exhibit too?

    I was sooo floored and amazed and in absolute awe after watching Lion King!! :-) It really amazed me how the costumes married different aspects of human and animal bodies to create something that actors would be comfortable in and at the same time, still look like a hyena or a gazelle or Timon or Pumbaa in!! :-)

  4. I love it here too!! Did you go to art galleries:)???
    I miss Singapore.

  5. Vicky, the costume design and engineering was amaaaazing! The way they all moved so organically, to think you can tell so well they were "stage props".

  6. Mia, I only got to visit ArtScience Museum on this trip. Quite small but I love the architecture.

    Went to SAM the last time, haven't had the chance to see any other museum!