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May 24, 2011

That Super Vision

I HAD NEVER HEARD OF THE LINE until I picked one up at a shop in Singapore, tried it on, took it off, tried another pair and then looked at the price. It wasn't cheap. But it was literally super!

I super want a Lucia. Or a W. And my own undies photo with Kitty Bang Bang!

Super sunglasses,


Mandy said...

Wow those are fabulous sunglasses! I love all the shapes. I always have trouble finding the right pair, but this line looks like it would have many many options!

PS-Thanks for following my blog!


Anonymous said...

hi there! ever considered doing a personal post ala "The Top Shelf"? :)

Lady San Pedro said...

Hasn't crossed my mind! Not sure what I'd photograph haha but I'll take that as a request and prepare one to post soon :-)