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February 4, 2011

This Long, That Long

FROM LONG WORK DAYS to long-sleeved new knits, to long-haired CG princesses and to longing for an Alexander Wang shoulder bag in pistachio, this week has been all about length.

Savoring the Friday with a nice dinner, new sweaters and a chance to finish watching what we had begun sometime during the week.

Tangled was cute. But anyone born before the 90's would agree, they just don't make Disney princess movies the same anymore. The characters, the songs, the magic, I find, pales in comparison to the Disney superstars of our time; to Lumiere, to Flounder, to Sebastian, Abu and Mushu. To Jafar, to Genie, to Ursula, Ratcliffe and Triton. To Kiss the Girl, to Go the Distance, to Be our Guest, Colors of the Wind and Part of Your World. I could go on.

What happened Mr. Menken? Where did that 20-time award-winning magic go?

It appears as if Disney's retirement of the princess movie failed to make a memorable swan song. Nonetheless, the time has come to say goodbye. To the princes, the princesses, the royal parents and the evil queens. The celebrated songs, the soaring emotions, the funny sidekicks and the fairy godmothers in all her unforgettable reincarnations.

We will miss you. So long!

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Mia B. said...

What a charming and well-written elegy to our past loves.

So long, indeed!