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November 3, 2010

That Fifty

FOR THOSE OF US WHO DON'T BUY THEM as often as we buy bread, eggs and milk, it's tricky choosing which one to get first. Something outrageous? Something classic? Something useful?

I find that most important when making the first few luxury purchases is to go iconic. Recognizability, after all, seems to be where most of your money is going. At least in my opinion.

L.A. Times has put together, as part of their 50 lists, fifty prestigious handbags to have and to hold. I wouldn't necessarily order them in the same way, or even include some items I think too trendy, but it seems a good guide and I'm not exactly a bagaholic so what do I know.

Obviously, the practical way is to go through the list backwards. Except, doesn't practicality contradict the concept of shopping signature?

50 Signature Handbags by Los Angeles Times,