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November 4, 2010

That Black Swan

BALLET. THRILLER. RIVALRY. The three words were all I needed to hear to get sold on the idea of Darren Oronofsky's new film. But it was the breathtaking trailer that really sealed the deal.

Google it.

Black Swan international teaser art from


Mike Son said...

omg, i so wanna watch this movie! i love love love the art nouveau posters, too. :)

i went to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake last Sunday. (LADS, GOOGLE IT DIN!) omg, haunting!!! i'm buying the dvd, tapos i'll leave it with karlo para you can borrow and watch it. grabe, lads, feeling ko ako 'yung prince!

Lady San Pedro said...

Wow! We meant to watch a ballet at the Opéra National but couldn't find anymore tickets for the ballet OR the opera. Lend me the DVD! :-)

I can't wait to watch Black Swan!!!!!