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October 29, 2010

Those I Love You's

ORIGINALLY RELEASED BY THE BAND THE LOVER SPEAKS IN 1986, Annie Lennox's 1995 cover of the song, made popular by its drag ballerina music video, has always both baffled and fascinated me ever since.

Dark and eerie, with a somber whimsy and a touch of sadness, it's not only during Halloween season that I've found myself drawn to its vulgar spectators, graceful transvestites and its fabulously freaky Annie looking very much like Maleficent in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

It must be my closeted love for theatrics.

No More I Love You's, 1995, from the album Medusa. Performed by Annie Lennox. Directed by Annie Lennox and Joe Dyer.


Mia B. said...

I love the cobwebs on your header logo thing. How very Google of you!

Oh and I didn't get this when I was a kid. The macabre and bizarre were not in my vocabulary yet

Lady San Pedro said...

Haha I love this and the showgirl one she did, also the creepy vampire one!

Maybe I have an inner goth too ;-D A gay goth.

Mike Son said...

omg, lads. i've always found this video so fascinating! i saw this on Channel [V]'s Asia Hitlist back in the 90s when i was so into Lisa Loeb's Stay (song and video--weird). I actually went out and bought Annie Lennox's cassette! hahaha. ;)