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August 4, 2010

That Retail Therapy

MADE UP FOR LOST SHOPPING OVER THE WEEKEND. New books, new shoes, new skirt, new makeup, even new socks. Yes, I wear socks now.

Feeling quite guilty actually as I'm supposed to be saving for our trip. And for furniture. And a new bag. But it's so easy to be sidetracked when you live a few steps away from a shopping mall. Or rather, 4 shopping malls.

Thought I'd still be itching to shop some more over the week but surprisingly, I'm not! Guess you just have to give in to temptation sometimes to be able to shake the urge off.

Just make sure you can deal with the guilt.

Nothing new for you Kitty.

Bronze heels, Nine West. Amorsolo Drawings and A Curious Affair from Fully Booked. Printed skirt, Zara. Pressed powder compact, Laura Mercier. Black toe flats, Jeffrey Campbell. Socks, GAP.


Biana said...

Really nice purchases. I especially love the black-toe flats. And I live on walking distance from the shopping area in my city also... Well.. let's just say sometimes I can't help myself :)

Lady San Pedro said...

Thanks! Haha it's just so much harder when the malls are close by ;-D