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August 2, 2010

That Chat Noir

DESPITE BEING UNABLE TO SHAKE OFF THE SILLY SUPERSTITION, I rekindle my love for the black cat not with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman -who was an all-time childhood favorite- but with the phenomenal, fantastical, sensational and absolutely magical Mr. Mistoffelees!

Seeing Cats on stage is leagues better than watching the filmed production and oh my god did I come home attempting to do chain pirouettes and high kicks like a total fool.

Oh! Well I never! Was there ever A cat so clever as magical Mr. Mistoffelees! If only for the dance numbers, I would watch it again. Andrew Lloyd Webber I love you!!!

Thanks Jaime for getting us great seats!

Julie Newmar as Catwoman,
Tournée du Chat Noir poster by Théophile Steinlen,
Felix the Cat illustration by Pat Sullivan,
Miu Miu Spring 2010 skirt,
Lanvin Fall 2010 campaign by Steven Meisel,
Lanvin My Sin vintage print ad,


Unknown said...

Hi Lady!

Aww, I'm only watching CATS on Wednesday (4th August)! X3

And that Tournée du Chat Noir poster, by Théophile Steinlen, has also always been a favourite, as has been Michelle Pfeiffer's stint as Catwoman.