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August 26, 2010

That Favorite New Foodie

AS IF THE NATURALLY SCRUMPTIOUS FOOD SHOTS aren't enough, Paris-based pastry chef David Lebovitz's sweet life, as documented in his food blog, never fails to make me say "I want that!" practically every single day.

The blog is a great guide to food and food places, with a great big plus being a great guide to dining and touring in Paris.

Oh, Paris.

Our plans feel like a bit of a mess right now with visa application procedures getting in the way. I don't get to go on my interview until ten days before my flight, and by protocol, my visa -if approved- is released ten days after the interview, falling on the actual date of my scheduled departure.

Not sure how it -with all the booking and purchasing and planning and packing- will work out. I've been stressing about it. But well, what can I do but wait right?

And if it all falls apart, c'est la vie I guess. Better yet, c'est la visa. Death.

Images by David Lebovitz,


Anonymous said...

Gaaaahhhh!!! Naw I'm hungryyyyy!!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW I'm following this blog... because you are awesome! :D