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August 30, 2010

That Fall Fantastic

EQUESTRIAN MEETS UTILITARIAN MEETS HANS FEURER. Bathed in the glow of absolute perfection, Marlena Szoka and Ieva Laguna trot about the rues of The City of Light, as caught on camera by the Swiss miss-ter.

And as it is the last day of the long weekend today, I will spare you my ramblings as I go off to trot about the City of Makati.

Over here, no designer capes or lace-up boots required.

Two For The Rue photographs by Hans Feurer for T Magazine Fall 2010, Images from


Miia said...

Congrats on the new digs, Lads! :)

I wish I could dress this way for fall. I would really stand out amongst the BU sweatshirts and Ugg boots. UGGH.