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July 21, 2010

That Mexican

THOUGH BETTER KNOWN FOR HIS CONTRIBUTIONS TO MEXICAN MURALISM, I quite also like Diego Rivera's quieter, less political and more personal paintings of Mexican life and personalities.

It was our long-overdue burrito dinner last night -care of Jaime- that inspired me at first to feature works by Frida Kahlo, but as I was not fully in the mood for her pain or passion, I opted instead to feature works by her husband.

One artist in a relationship is difficult enough... imagine two!

Paintings by Diego Rivera,


Mike Son said...

there's something so distinctive about mexican art, no? maybe it's the rich colors, and how they meld together. and the plush textures and emphasized proportions. hahaha, "in the mood for her pain or passion." yeah, frida is such a DQ! :p

Lady San Pedro said...

Yes, there is! And to some degree, they also look quite Filipino...

She is an eternal DQ! We should make her part of our kada. Haha