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July 10, 2010

That Crazy One

IT DIDN'T LOOK LIKE THE COMPUTERS WE USED AT SCHOOL. It didn't look like the computers my classmates had at home. It didn't operate on DOS or display green text against a black screen. But it was the computer Daddy bought for the house and although it was quite different, I quite liked it.

I liked it even if it was a single console and not a separate monitor and CPU. I liked it even if it was Macintosh and not IBM. I liked it because it was where I first learned Photoshop and Freehand and Macromedia Director which I used to make hours' worth of designs and animations. Yes, I guess I was a bit of a geeky kid in that way.

So it was this 1984 model that began my affinity for Apple computers. The way it agreed with me, in the same way all my subsequent ones did and do, really does stem from a certain sentimentality. A certain nostalgia.

And a certain philosophy: to think different.

"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." -from Apple's 1997 Crazy Ones TVC by TBWA\Chiat Day.

1984 Apple Macintosh, image from


Rio said...

OMG!! We had this too! Our first computer! WOOHOO! Yay to art director dads!! Hehehe!

Miss you Ladyyyyyy!

Lady San Pedro said...

Miss you too!

Yay to art director dads and double yay to the beautiful daughters of art director dads! Haha

Anonymous said...

This was my first computer too! :D I remember learning Paint and Corel Draw! hahahahaha

Lady San Pedro said...

Haha, it's no wonder we're so... ehem... creative. Bwahaha!

We should have formed a 1989 club of odd ones out!