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July 16, 2010

That Contrast

A MASTER OF PERSPECTIVE, Christine Rusche gives otherwise ordinary landscapes a striking new look, resulting from a contrast between light and dark, foreground and background, vector and photographic.

Just the other day I came across an article talking about babies' eyes and how low-contrast colors do nothing for their visual development. Contrary to the soft pastel walls and decor employed in most nurseries and baby rooms, black and white or high contrast colors in bold shapes or patterns are actually best as these are what underdeveloped eyes are most receptive to.

So as I have been progressively sleepy since waking up two hours before I usually do, but still managed to find these images, post them and write an entry about them, I suppose that visuals with higher contrast are best for stimulating adult eyes as well.

At least for a very sleepy me, they quite seem to work.

Fictional Landscapes by Christine Rusche,