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April 17, 2010

Those Mori Girls

BELONGING TO A JAPANESE SUBCULTURE OF MORI OR "FOREST" GIRLS, these gentle girls are characterized by floaty vintage garb and a simple, quiet lifestyle. The opposite of Harajuku? Annes of Green Gables?

The photos are a selection from the Mori Girl blog, authored and maintained by a "city girl who wants to slowly savour the little things in life".

Her images are consistent, very true to theme. And all of them, very peaceful.

A bit eerie and a bit old-maidish I think. But that's coming from a full-fledged, overpopulated-city-inhabitant who cannot live without air conditioning, shopping malls and a hair drier.

In truth, this Mori Girl culture is just what I need to immerse in on a cranky, sleepless Saturday morning bombarded by drilling noises from nextdoor, welding from behind, and even pounding from the repairs being done inside this very house.

A Mori Girl would probably head out for a quiet walk in the woods or a nearby park. Instead, I'm blasting out Dimitri from Paris' Sacrebleu on the speakers, loud enough to drown out the noises but also loud enough to wake the entire street.

Nope. I'll never be a Mori Girl.

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Ligaya said...

Haha, I've always admired mori girls (they're the closest approximation Japan has to Western nature-loving bohemians), but like you I'm too much of a city girl to want to subscribe to their lifestyle for very long.

Just as an aside, I've been following (mostly passively until recently) the Japanese fashion street styles, or tribes. Most tribes don't normally meet halfway in terms of influence, but lately mori has made its mark on all the other fashion tribes, like gyaru and even gothic lolita. :D

Hope you're doing well. I've got a bloody cold thanks to the crazy weather. =_=

~ Joy

Lady San Pedro said...

Wow, "gothic lolita" sounds like it could be a campaign for Shu Uemura or Betsey Johnson :-)