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April 19, 2010

This Monday

WORKING FROM HOME ON A MONDAY. I woke up today with a very unwelcome sore eye but I'm quite glad it came after and not during the weekend. It was a very eventful weekend for me, kicking off with my Dad's 60-something-eth birthday dinner on Friday, followed by my gay best friends Mike and Karlo's joint birthday surprise which we held on the midnight of our annual summer pool party slash binge fest, and ending with my friend Chin's law school graduation party.

Congratulations Chin for winning best in thesis and graduating with honors! And thanks for letting me wear your medal all night.

Another highlight of my weekend was having found this charming little desk fan at a very unlikely appliance store. Yes it's a highlight. Jaime and I have been scouting for vintage-looking fans for the house since we moved and this is the first one we've found that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. In fact it's really cheap, I wonder if it'll even last a year.

Nonetheless it's a good find and a good buy and a good thing to have in the summer when you want to keep the electricity bill sane. We really should get one for every room.

No Sunny. Go away.

Pop Art Metallic Fans from SM Appliance Center,


Mike Son said...

i love the shoo note at the end! and that vintage fan looks divine! i guess they really've "got it all." :p

thanks for the surprise! :-*