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April 25, 2010

That Shearer Chic

EASILY, I CAN NAME AT LEAST FIVE ILLUSTRATORS WHO DO THIS SORT OF THING. Drawings of pretty girls wearing pretty outfits, painted in pretty colors.

But so what right? Truth is, we can't get enough of them! I myself used to draw my own Labanda-inspired girls back in high school when class got boring.

And class always got boring. Except maybe Philosophy. And English. And Spanish.

What I like very much about Caitlin Shearer's painted ladies is how well they're styled. Whether in dainty dresses or boudoir attire, the clothing is impeccable; well designed and well thought-out, down to the last tuft, trim or bow.

Shuch lovely polka dots and ribbons, damn it I should've bought that top I tried on yesterday...

Art by Caitlin Shearer,