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April 27, 2010

That Fitness

I'VE ALWAYS BEEN SKINNY. PETITE. But that doesn't automatically make me fit, and it most definitely doesn't automatically make me healthy.

So while I do my best to eat right -bye bye fast food- and -save for late nights at work or weekend parties- do my best to sleep right, this frail little body is in dire need of exercise.

I did some ballet in my youth, as well as gymnastics, which I wasn't very good at but enjoyed anyway. I started fire dancing -though I never reached the fire part- and belly dancing some time ago but never pursued them either.

I've done yoga and Tai-chi which sort of bored me. Been to the gym once in my life which SUPER bored me. School P.E. just didn't agree with me and swimming, the only sport I ever liked, dried out my skin and hair.

That's my entire lifetime's fitness history right there.

So I come to the conclusion that dance is the best form of exercise I can possibly maintain, simply because it's the only form of exercise I can manage to enjoy.

Except I'm so rusty now... maybe I should just swim?

Or does walking to the mall count?

Illustrations by Cristóbal Schmal,