EST. 2009

December 13, 2009

That Sneak Peak of Summer in Sydney

OKAY SO I'M REALLY REALLY SICK NOW, missing parties left and right and feeling both restless while being badly in need of rest!

My consolation: looking forward to my first-ever Sydney Festival!
Art, music, theatre and dance, all come together for three weeks of festive summer fun.

The site is impressive and inviting. You can plan, arrange and buy tickets online for the events you want to attend, filtering by date, category and admission. Add in maps, accommodation deals and an interactive brochure, the site leaves you no reason not to make it there.

It's nothing new to most folks but we rarely come across websites this thorough in Manila. Especially not for events.

And when you're sick in bed like I am now, anything that offers some fun and sunshine is well worth getting excited about.

Sydney Festival runs from January 9-30, 2010.

Visit the site at for more photos and info.