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October 27, 2009

Those Waterworks

I'M CURRENTLY WORKING ON A PROJECT USING WATERCOLOR; Its flow, fluidity and frailty. How it moves with grace and how easily it washes away.

The project is for my work though so I can't share it here.

I will, however, share some pretty watercolor works I've stumbled upon recently by Emeryville-based artist Sara Christian.

More artworks at


Gin said...

I'd like to see you project when it's done Lads! :)

Lady San Pedro said...

I'll email it to you when it's done! :-)

By the way, are you really coming to Manila for Christmas??? I've heard you were.

Royal Pen said...

Nice pieces of art! I used to paint too in my early teenage years. I'm inspired by these creation. I'm eager to see your project as well.

Anonymous said...

me too! send it :D

Lady San Pedro said...

And I'm eager to share it! We shoot tomorrow and edit next week so I should be able to post it up by second week of november :-) said...

can;t wait to see the final outcome of your project.