EST. 2009

October 29, 2009

That Scary Style

WITH ITS GAUDY-CHIC SET, PRIMITIVE EFFECTS AND OVER-THE-TOP ACTING, Suspiria would have made a better fashion show than it does a movie.

It took me four tries to finish the film, it being so unbelievably dragging and so horribly played out. I couldn't help my mind from wandering off, thinking "I could've done this film when I was 10.", "What's going on?", "Oh, I napped again." and "The Total Eclipse of the Heart video is better than this."

In the end, I simply fast-forwarded to the end.

It was a timely watch however, just in time for a Halloween post. A Halloween that I hopefully won't be spending at work or at home alone! Hint to Jaime who is currently in Kuala Lumpur and may not fly back as scheduled due to the coming storm.

So if any of you plan to have a horror movie marathon after trick-or-treating, do include Suspiria to your lineup. Its terrible acting, plot and editing will surely rank it as the most horrific watch of all.

Happy Halloween!

Screen shots from 1977's Suspira, directed by Dario Argento.