EST. 2009

March 28, 2022

Please Hold

Lady San Pedro London Phone Box

I STARTED THIS BLOG OVER 12 YEARS AGO, and have since lovingly filled it with the many works of film, art, fashion, and culture that lend inspiration to my work and life. The practice of collecting visuals and writing essays has not only shaped my taste, but also my outlook, as I integrate what I like with how I live. 

 Over 12 years since my first blog post, I pause to face a challenge that has been looming for quite a while now: How to evolve this blog while preserving its soul? I’ve fortunately undergone enough metamorphoses over the lifespan of LadyLikes to have proudly fashioned my world, refined my craft, and exert my influence among and beyond peers. It’s time for this platform to do the same. 

And so for the first time since the conception of LadyLikes, I take a thoughtful break to explore how this body of work could evolve, to better reflect how I share my vision today. Thank you for taking part in this carefully curated adventure. Stay tuned, and know that sharing my world with you will always stay close to my heart. See you on the other side!

Stay in touch xo