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November 24, 2021

That Painterly Nature

I FIRST MET ROSANNA AT A ROWDY EAST LONDON PUB, on the evening of the Euro 2020 Final. It wasn't quite the scene in which you'd expect to meet the creator of such delicately designed homeware, but there we were, cheering the night away among avid football fans.

Since then, I quickly became a fan of Rosanna's craft, with its painterly details and uplifting aesthetic. The Rosanna Corfe range comprises sustainably-produced textiles and tableware: cushions, throws, trays, and coasters featuring Rosanna's own hand-painted artwork. My favorite item is the Croc Monsieur woven throw, which is a truly iconic piece depicting a playful crocodile placement print on a beige front, contrasting teal reverse, and made with recycled cotton.

Launched in a year of lockdowns, Rosanna's line is as inspirational as its conception, offering a joyful outlook inspired by nature. Here, Rosanna shares her creative process, and how she stays motivated as an artist and entrepreneur.

LSP: What inspired you to start your own line?

RC: Having time last year during the first lockdown to focus on my own designs and just experiment and paint for fun for the first time in a very long time. It was then my brother who suggested trying out some of these designs on homeware products. Starting my own sustainable textiles / homeware line featuring my own prints was something I had always wanted to do, but didn't think I would have time to do anytime soon. When I then had this extra time during lockdown, I trialled the throws to begin with and once these received a positive response it was motivation to keep going and expand into more products.

LSP: You’ve designed different types of products since launching. Do you have any favourites?

RC: Difficult one but I do love my throws, not only were they the first product to launch on my website but it’s really satisfying to see my designs on a larger scale and also in something that is both a piece of art and functional. I love how the throws translate my painted designs and brushstroke so effectively into a woven tactile item. I really wanted them to preserve the painterly quality from the original artworks and was amazed by how well they achieved this.

LSP: Describe your process. How do your sustainability standards impact or influence your craft?

RC: I very much start with the artwork first. Often my process starts with an idea, composition or sometimes just a colour palette in my head, then comes a lot of experimental painting trying to get this idea onto paper. It usually takes many attempts for me to get an idea just as I envisioned it, but it’s also when making these attempts that I often discover new and exciting processes. A few of my favourite artworks have been somewhat ‘accident’ experimental pieces that have led me on to new ways of creating.

Once I have a design or artwork I like, I focus on what products would best display it. My sustainability standards hugely impact what the products are that I create. Often, I’ll have an idea for a particular design on a particular product but when researching it further, realise that currently it’s not feasible to create this in a sustainable way. Fingers crossed in the future as more businesses focus on being sustainable so this will become less challenging.

LSP: How do you stay motivated as an artist and entrepreneur?

RC: It’s often a bit of a balancing act to stay motivated and inspired as an artist whilst not neglecting all the other aspects that come with running a business. I’m still continuously learning the best ways to stay motivated but having a rough routine and making sure to take breaks when I need them is particularly key for me. I also live for a to-do list and write so many every day, I don’t think I could get much done without them.

Staying inspired is also a fundamental motivator for me and there are so many brilliant, inspiring online resources now as artist / designer, from the V&A online archives to even Instagram and Pinterest. I’ve found Instagram in particular since lockdown, has been an amazing tool in terms of connecting with other creatives and gaining inspiration. I also love looking back at my own previous designs and seeing how my work has evolved and is continually developing. This is a big motivator to keep going as I’m excited to see what I’ll be creating in the future.

LSP: What advice would you give to aspiring creative entrepreneurs?

RC: To not overthink or get too stuck in developing your style too early on. Experiment, have fun and enjoy the process. Focus on creating something you love and the rest will follow.

Rosie at work, the amongst woven throw, and amongst coasters:

Autumn 2021 saw the release of Rosanna's first tableware collection, in five color versions of her popular Amongst botanical print. Perfect for holiday entertaining!

Croc Monsieur Recycled Cotton Woven Throw, Set of 4 Amongst Round Coasters, Wishful Pink Recycled Cotton Woven Throw, Black Amongst Round Tray, and Amongst Recycled Cotton Woven Throw by Rosanna Corfe. Shop the line at