EST. 2009

March 24, 2021

That New Formula

THIS MONTH MARKS MY LOCKDOWN ANNIVERSARY which means I have been living, playing, and working from home for most of the past 12 months. In London, we are currently on our third lockdown, with restrictions eased in varying degrees last summer, and briefly before Christmas.

It's an uneventful anniversary, and appropriately so. But it is in no way insignificant. A year ago this month, I shared in the collective fear, shock, and panic that overtook the world, expecting the worst, and watching them materialize in the seasons to come. Fortunate enough to stay in good health, I quickly missed the pleasures of the city, the people in my life, and the day-to-day experience of leaving home to co-exist with other individuals. I continue to miss these.

"They always say time changes things but you actually have to change them yourself." riffs pop art pioneer Andy Warhol in his autobiography The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. What has changed since the first lockdown? For me, I've had to redefine things: freedom, success, friendship. Where freedom was previously about mobility and the absence of commitments, it has become the capacity to choose my responses and reactions. Where success was decked out in glamor, it has become centered on physical and mental health. Where friendship was fostered by the sharing of life's experiences, it has become the sharing of life's inexperiences, because well, it's all one big blur sometimes.

On the practical side, I've also redefined what it means to eat well and dress well on the daily. I've swapped out lavish recipes with quick-prep choices, and integrated workout wear with working from home. The new formula comprises ingredients I can throw together, and clothing I can stretch and lounge in, accessorized with on-trend jewellery. I've never been more comfortable.

Whether like me, you are on your lockdown anniversary, or already savoring post-lockdown freedom in your part of the world, know that any time is a good time to redefine aspects of your life. And once you get around to it, I hope it makes you feel more comfortable and free.

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