EST. 2009

September 27, 2020

These Great Waves

THE NORTHERNMOST OF SEVEN BAYS that make up Broadstairs beach in Kent, Botany Bay is a cinematic experience just two hours from London St. Pancras by train. Golden sand and chalk cliffs take you worlds away from city life, and on a particularly windy day like the day I visited, dramatic waves remind you of just how strong and beautiful nature can be.

Watching waves felt poignant to me this summer, acknowledging that they are in fact calm waters simply disturbed by wind. The stronger the disturbance, the bigger and more magnificent the wave.

Embracing disturbances isn't easy, as they are, by nature, unpleasant and unwelcome occurrences. It's worth remembering to pause and watch the waves they create in our lives and ourselves, to see the great, unexpected, sometimes frightening, and often beautiful surges.

Botany Bay, Broadstairs, Kent