EST. 2009

March 31, 2020

This Light

Clocks moved forward in my part of the world over the weekend, signalling the start of British Summer Time. My favorite time of year. An hour in advance of Greenwich Mean Time, it allows evenings to have more daylight hours, until later in October when the clocks fall back.

On a typical year, we wouldn’t be quarantined at home, missing out on the pleasures of springtime. But as this is no typical year, I find myself in a constant pendulum of hope and despair, burning bright and burning out on a daily basis.

At this very moment, I am thinking about light as a marker of time. The sun rises and sets, and days pass, waiting for no one. Daylight hours lengthen and shorten, and seasons pass, whether or not we are ready for a change.

Columbus left the Old World by chasing the light of the sun. We too, leave old ways of living every day; these days more actively than ever. Whether you are doing your part on the front line or from the sofa, remember that positivity can be just as contagious.

Shine a light where you can.



Are you an artist, writer or designer? The United Nations needs your help creating content around public health messages.

Women constitute 70% of workers in the health and social sector globally. They are more vulnerable in crisis, and need support.



I’ve been working out with FitOn through the lockdown. It’s a free and easy way to stick to a progressively challenging fitness routine.

The exhaustion you feel is called allostatic overload. What is it? And how to build resilience in times of fear and uncertainty.

If like me, you love and miss dining, there’s no reason not to dine at home. Sylvia Fountaine’s Feasting at Home is my current go-to.

And if like me, you love and miss ballet, or you are curious to try, English National Ballet provides online classes tailored for the home.

I Wish This Was by Candy Chang, Nurse at Work from Art UK, Jane Fonda with Cat by Genevieve Naylor, Linda Cavalieri by Fornasetti, Schwenk by Fairfield Porter, Private Dancer Brigitte Bardot by Giancarlo Botti