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February 20, 2018

That Natural Finnish

IT'S EASY TO MISTAKE THE LABEL FOR A JAPANESE WORD. Samuji's aesthetic is after all very functional, embodied by the natural textures and notable tailoring associated with Japanese brands. Samuji is however, of Nordic origin, founded and led by Finnish designer Samu-Jussi Koski.

Launched in spring 2011, the label has since grown to offer two womenswear lines, accessories, and a homeware line Samuji Koti, named after the Finnish word for "home". Koski explained to T Magazine that doing so has been on the to-do list from the start. "I wanted a complete world, not only a fashion label, but something deeper.”

Nature serves as an inspiration for Koski, who grew up in Muurame: a municipality of Finland situated between two lakes. He also considers Finnish architect Alvar Aalto as an influence, with his pieces, as well as spaces, echoing the modern sensibilities of the architect's designs. Naturally, Samuji also carries the spirit of Marimekko, the Finnish textile company where Koski was previously creative director. Nature-inspired patterns and sumptuous surfaces demonstrate his masterful approach to material.

I'm loving Samuji's straw hats and handbags, particularly the Vasella Bag with its sculptural silhouette and woven surface. Partly globular, fully lined, and with a long, flat strap, the bag is not quite a beach bag, not quite a basket bag, and sits somewhere between casual and elegant.

Samuji Vasella Bags,