EST. 2009

September 29, 2016

That Zurier Sky

THE FIRST PAINTING DILEMMA THAT REALLY ENGAGED JOHN ZURIER was that of painting the sky seen between two buildings, so that the entire painting would be nothing but an empty blue space. He found the task nearly impossible, putting it off for a long time, with his artistic concerns nearly unchanged since.

There's no evidence of struggle in his work though, which incorporate a delicate human touch into atmospheric depictions. The pale blue canvases from his Muuratsalo/Finland series evoke feelings of escape with glimpses of daytime sky. Notable in the paintings are wisps of unpainted canvas, seemingly suggestive of clouds. Zurier's other works, such as those in Night, are more densely painted, as if portraying the weight of darkness. The contrast makes his sensitivity to atmosphere even more apparent.

Hardly a fan of fleeting, electric sunsets, I am drawn to flat skies in muted tints. Light blues, I associate with flight. Grey skies, contemplation. That is, until a spell of cabin fever dawns and any glimpse of sky is a cure. A pale, blue Zurier may be a good indoor alternative.

Paintings from Muuratsalo/Finland by John Zurier,