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June 11, 2015

That Angel Style

WITH 70S FASHION MAKING ITS BIGGEST COMEBACK YET, who better to turn to for guidance than the original heaven-sent darlings of bell bottoms past? Sabrina, Jill and Kelly came into my life through afternoon reruns in my teens, long before Lucy, Drew and Cameron throttled into the millennium. The original Charlie's Angels provided a delightful contrast to the early 2000s, when volume-deprived rebonded hair had just become what would be at least a decade-long trend, along with the equally volume-deprived, seemingly-undying skinny jean.

Fortunately, nothing lasts forever. The past five years or so began to see denim loosen up a little with boyfriend and mom jeans gaining their moments and adherents. Men don't particularly love them but they've never been ecstatic about us wearing the pants anyway. So, carry on.

Spring-Summer 2015 saw denims measuring wide from bottom to bottom and long from high waist to floor. Accompanied by fluttering fringes and billowing blouses, the volume-valiant cuts lend grace and stature, unabashedly declaring "more is more." Farrah Fawcet wore a pair in her iconic skateboard chase at Griffith Park, obviously with the help of a stunt double, but memorable nonetheless. She may have been the most popular of the angels but I feel compelled to take my cue from Jaclyn Smith, the super-sleuth namesake of yours truly: Lady Jacklyn San Pedro.

So will I in fact emulate the Charlie's Angels alumna and embrace lush, volumized hair and jeans? Vogue's Laura Weir posits that "Only now does it feel entirely credible to covet and cavort in flares and fringing without it feeling like a costume." That's comforting. But who minds looking like an Angel anyway? And where are my hair rollers?

Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors and Jaclyn Smith from Charlie's Angels, 1976 - 1981.