EST. 2009

May 29, 2014

Those Curiosities

INSPIRED BY AN I8TH-CENTURY NATURAL SCIENCES BOOK, 10•19 creator and designer Rio Jorolan populates the classic blue shirt with a trio of curiosities from the natural world. The Snake, The Seashell and The Curious Fly pop out whimsically against a timeless backdrop, lending each wearer that signature 10•19 brand of fresh, quirky, cool.

The Curiosities Collection is 10•19's second collection since launching in 2013, on October 19 no less, which serves as the label's namesake and shares its anniversaire with its creator's. October 19 is Rio's birthday. Following a first collection of buttoned-up rococos, The Curiosities Collection establishes the distinguishing elements of 10•19, comprising color, print, collars and buttons. The designer has her own parents to thank for her sartorial inclinations, with an evident menswear influence cultivated through easy access to her father's closet, and a love for pattern inspired by her mother's print-heavy style.

10•19's style origins are undeniably personal; a characteristic carried out markedly by each garment since collection number one. Produced in limited quantities, the unique shirts seek equally unique wearers. The 10•19 girl, according to Rio, is the "quirky sophisticate, put together with a dash of color, sharp with a sprinkle of panache, classic with a current vibe."

Sounds like me. I'll take the snake please!


The Curiosities Collection by 10•19. Lookbook illustration by Bianca Lesaca.