EST. 2009

March 31, 2014

That Iridescence

ALBERTO GUARDIANI'S SPRING-SUMMER 2014 FLUTTERBY SHOES are light and bright and dreamier than any midsummer night's dream. In multiple shades of iridescent calfskin laminate, the wing-heeled sandals take flight like never before, in a blissfulness perfect for the warmer months.

As with every shoe in the Flutterby line, the round-toe sandals employ Alberto Guardiani's innovative craftsmanship, with a stabilizing steel post concealed within the heels. A nude sole makes for dainty steps, and gold details add a touch of luxury to the rainbow of metallics.

On its fourth season now since launching in 2012, this season's Flutterby has metamorphosed yet again. A shining, shimmering, splendid new way to wear the iconic pair.

Flutterby Spring-Summer 2014 by Alberto Guardiani,